Healthy Teeth, Healthy Pregnancy

Did you know that oral health is an important part of prenatal care (medical care you get during pregnancy)? Given that poor oral health during pregnancy can lead to poor health outcomes

Healing After Experiencing Trauma and Stress

Trauma, hardships, and other stressors in our lives are unavoidable. Trauma is not just abuse, terrorism, or catastrophic events. Trauma can also be caused by less obvious events that still overwhelm your

10 Tips for Positive Disciplining

According to the CDC, at least 1 in 7 children have experienced child abuse or neglect in the past year. We know that child abuse and neglect have harmful impacts on an

Courage and Resilience Witnessed at the Front Desk

For the past year, Doctors Care’s Volunteer Manager, Jana Baker, has served as the front desk greeter, a position typically held by a volunteer. Since most volunteers have chosen to stay safer

What Gives Me Confidence

This week marks Doctors Care’s 33 rd anniversary. As we celebrate 33 years of service, I find comfort reflecting on our unwavering focus to improve the health of all members of our community. The

The Importance of Health Insurance

Recently, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to reopen enrollment to the Health Insurance Marketplace. In conjunction with President Biden’s executive order, the state of Colorado is opening a special enrollment period from February 8

Volunteer Provider Highlight – Julia Rhiannon, MD

Julia Rhiannon, MD has been in the medical field for 28 years and has worked in California, Washington, and Colorado. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry and Religious Studies and obtained