Partner Hospitals

Doctors Care partners with various hospitals to further both our missions. Doctors Care educates patients visiting our partner hospitals on proper use of medical care and emergency departments. Chief administrators of these partner hospitals serve on our board of directors and encourage their physicians to participate in the Doctors Care program to provide a wide range of affordable specialty care to uninsured patients.

Community Partners

Arapahoe County’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of residents through exceptional delivery of services and efficient use of public funds. One avenue to fulfill this mission is the Aid to Agencies program. The grant program focuses the County’s limited resources on behavioral and mental health, homelessness, seniors and domestic violence services. Each year, the County Board of Commissioners approves more than 20 applications in these areas, in amounts ranging from $10,000 to $300,000 per grant. Arapahoe County also supports the community through Community Development Block Grants, job training and apprenticeship programs, food assistance and many other initiatives designed to improve the quality of life for all County residents.

In 2011, Connect for Health Colorado was established by the Colorado General Assembly as a public, non-profit entity to create a health insurance marketplace. Connect for Health Colorado is dedicated to increasing healthcare access, affordability, and choice for all Coloradans. Connect for Health Colorado is governed by a Board of Directors with additional direction from a committee of state legislators.

Colorado Access partners with communities to empower people through access to quality, equitable, and affordable care. Colorado Access values diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. The nonprofit healthcare company has a commitment to building the awareness and knowledge necessary to collaborate with colleagues, providers, members, and communities in a culturally appropriate way.

Additional Partners

Thank you to all the organizations that help Doctors Care complete its mission!