What Gives Me Confidence

This week marks Doctors Care’s 33 rd anniversary. As we celebrate 33 years of service, I find comfort reflecting on our unwavering focus to improve the health of all members of our community. The way we operate has changed, but how we deliver care has not. Our staff and volunteers still take time to listen, learn, and comfort our patients and clients. We’re able to stay mission-driven, adapting to whatever is thrown our way. I am confident that Doctors Care can, and will, rise to any occasion. Whether it is the changing landscape of healthcare or a global pandemic, we will always provide compassionate, high-quality health care.

Though vaccines have always been an integral part of health care, today, there is an urgency to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine. We need to protect people, get back a sense of normalcy, and see our economy moving again. I recognize the pace is not fast enough, the supply is not plentiful enough, and the fears lie deep within us. We are all experiencing COVID fatigue and long for the day we can hug our loved ones and visit new and exciting places. My call to you is to be patient – something that is a work in progress for me. Doctors Care is ready to be a part of the solution and help end the pandemic. We are excited to assist the vaccination effort, once supply is available. I hope this gives you confidence in a brighter future for all of us.

The Doctors Care Legacy

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I have been reflecting on my role as a board member and the legacy we all hope to leave. Community enrichment and involvement is

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