There’s a New Phase for the COVID-19 Vaccine. Where do I fit?

What phase of the vaccine distribution applies to you?  Keeping up with phases, and which one applies to your situation, might leave you continuously searching for information.

In an article about their recent collaboration to address racial inequities with vaccine distribution, the Colorado Alliance for Health Equity and Practice, along with Family Medicine Clinic for Health Equity, also addressed the confusion that surrounds the state’s phases. The excerpt below gives a clear and easy understanding of where the state currently stands with the distribution plan:

Some confusion has existed regarding the phased roll out of the vaccinations. Colorado recently announced that Phase 1B.3 would be split and will begin on March 5. Those in this phase now include people over age 60, people with two or more health factors and workers in frontline grocery and agriculture positions. This is expected to be about 1 million people.

The new Phase 1B.4 is expected to begin around March 21. As currently structured, it will include people over age 50, people with high risk conditions and frontline workers in the following fields: higher education, restaurants and food service, essential manufacturing, the United States Postal Service, faith leaders, public health workers, human service workers, and essential journalists.

To read the entire article click here.  Information is continuously updated as the state works to get everyone vaccinated. For the most current vaccination phases, click here.

To check your eligibility status, click here .

With a better understanding of the state’s plan, knowing when we are eligible to receive the vaccine will help bring immunity to our communities and a return to normal life.