Desperate Times

Rayen’s Story: Desperate Times
Lead to Loving Care

Rayen, an uninsured 28 year-old Native American female and her boyfriend recently came to Doctors Care clinic seeking care. Rayen* was experiencing pneumonia and respiratory symptoms and appeared jaundiced. The couple had fallen on desperate times. They moved to the area because both had lost their jobs working on North Dakota oil rigs. With their money running low,  Rayen’s health condition had worsened to the point where they decided to forgo paying rent in order to scrape together the clinic’s $40 copay.

During the exam, Rayen left the room for some testing. Her boyfriend then told Sue Covington, Physician Assistant and Clinic Director, that the stress from losing their jobs was driving Rayen to heavily drink and abuse substances, which Sue had already suspected. After examining Rayen, Sue was concerned that she might be in liver failure. She told Rayen and her boyfriend that preliminary lab work and further tests were needed for her to receive proper treatment.

Sue immediately treated her respiratory problems with donated medications, and strongly urged Rayen to apply for Medicaid as quickly as possible so she could receive the treatment she desperately needed. A Certified Assistance Guide with Doctors Care’s Connect to Coverage program stepped in to help Rayen apply for Medicaid. She was quickly approved.

During her next visit, Sue was able to order the appropriate tests and referrals, including one to Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health for substance abuse. At Rayen’s last clinic appointment, she said she felt 100% better and was on track for a much healthier lifestyle. The couple greatly appreciated the quality care and personal attention they were given by Doctors Care Clinic staff.

*Not her real name