Sometimes Hope is Right Around the Corner

When Julia brought her newborn daughter to the Doctors Care Clinic for a routine check up, she was battling many issues in her life. She wasn’t sure where to turn for help and was quickly losing hope. She had no idea that her visit to Doctors Care that day for a simple check up would be a major turning point and that answers to her problems were just around the corner.

During their visit, Julia confided in her provider that she was struggling to afford adequate food for her family. Hearing this, the provider immediately referred Julia to a Doctors Care on-site health navigator. As soon as the check up was finished, Julia met with the navigator to talk about finding help with food assistance.

Julia was grateful to receive individual assistance as she explained the struggles she was facing, from financial stress to post-partum depression. The navigator provided Julia with resources for food banks near her, financial assistance for rent and utilities, and services to help with her depression.

As Julia continued talking with the navigator, she revealed that she had lost her private health insurance when she had to quit her job right before her daughter was born. Julia was worried about health coverage for her daughter and seven-year-old son. The navigator, who was also a Certified Health Coverage Guide, helped Julia through the Medicaid application process and printed Medicaid cards for Julia and both of her children on the spot.

Julia left Doctors Care feeling encouraged and inspired. The care and compassion she received at Doctors Care, along with practical solutions to her problems, renewed her hope that she and her family could overcome their circumstances and brighter days were right around the corner.