An Answer to Prayer

We first met 46-year-old Terrie through her brother, Joe, who came to Doctors Care for help with finding health insurance coverage. During his visit, he asked if we could do anything to help his sister. Terrie had been seriously injured a car accident. She’d had recent hip surgery and was in poor shape. She was bed bound, unable to work, and in desperate need of physical therapy. Her situation was dire and she had become very depressed.

Doctor Care’s Health Navigation team began working right away to help Terrie get the care she needed. Because Terrie was immobile, a Health Navigator visited her at home to explain the Access for the Uninsured program and that we would find providers who were willing to treat her on a sliding fee scale that she could afford. When Terrie heard this, she lit up and said this was the answer to her prayers!

The Health Navigation team found help for Terrie, including a physical therapist. Just a few months later, the team was thrilled to see Terrie walking into Doctors Care with the help of a cane. She was transformed! She looked happy and was very grateful for all that Doctors Care had done to help her gain her health and independence back. She was working hard with physical therapy and looking forward to getting back to work. Terrie says, “If it weren’t for Doctors Care, I really don’t know what would have happened to me!”


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