Making An Impact in Your Own Community

I joined Doctors Care as a volunteer last summer. As a pre-med student, I was interested in care in a clinic atmosphere rather than a hospital setting. I became involved in greeting patients at the front desk and answering phone calls. I also worked with the IT department and medical records. It gave me incredible insight to the operations of a medical clinic from the kind smiles as people walk into the door to the rigorous documentation and everything in between.

The Doctors Care staff and volunteers I worked with were all incredible. They took the time to really teach me how to do my job to ensure that I could do it well but also trusted in my abilities to overcome challenges. Everyone was incredibly willing to answer my questions and help me learn more about the organization. I was surprised by the number of volunteers in the organization at first, but as time progressed it was clear to see that people stayed at Doctors Care because they cared about providing quality healthcare to whoever would walk through the door.
Doctors Care is more than a typical clinic. They treat people, not symptoms. They ensure that their patients are being taken care of through check-ups, but they also recognize and aim to overcome other barriers to healthcare. Their holistic approach to medicine is truly unique.

I came into this experience wanting to focus on a career in medicine on a global scale. However, volunteering at Doctors Care has changed my perspective. I have learned that some of the most incredible and impactful work can happen in your very own community. I have seen how community members have stepped up to help other people around them. I have heard the joy of people who find out Doctors Care accepts Medicaid. I have seen the smiles of patients who find help in more ways than they expected. In addition to getting compassionate care in the clinic, they can also get help with signing up for health coverage and assistance with finding services in the community that will help them live a healthier life. My experience at Doctors Care is one that I am truly thankful for and one that I will not soon forget.

Doctors Care Volunteer