Determination and Support Can Turn a Life Around

At just 24 years old, Andy was dealing with an array of difficult circumstances. He was homeless, struggling with alcoholism and had no health insurance. When his girlfriend became pregnant, Andy knew it was time to kick his alcohol addiction. He couldn’t do it without help and support, so he enrolled in Medicaid to get the medical attention he needed.

Unfortunately, Andy’s struggles with alcohol continued when his girlfriend miscarried. She later became pregnant again, and had an abortion. As the couple both worked together to try to quit drinking, his girlfriend experienced a severe withdrawal seizure. This series of events led to Andy developing serious, paralyzing mental health issues including extreme paranoia, anxiety and panic attacks.

Eventually Andy ended up living with his mother, who was recovering from a brain tumor and was disabled. Because of the trauma in his life, along with his addiction issues, Andy became incapacitated and unable to leave the house. One day, Andy’s mother received a flyer in the mail about Doctors Care. He learned that at Doctors Care he could receive medical care as well as other essential “wrap-around services” including help with his addiction, mental health issues and other barriers to good health. Andy felt hopeful again and called to make an appointment.

During Andy’s first visit in the clinic, his provider told him that with the right help and a strong desire on his part to get well, they could work together and get him to a better, healthier place. Andy felt encouraged and realized that he had a lot of life left to live. The providers at Doctors Care began to straighten out Andy’s medications with the help of consultation from a volunteer psychiatrist. Andy got connected to a mental health therapist in the Doctors Care building who accepts Medicaid. Together, they worked to overcome Andy’s addiction and other issues.

Andy was a diligent patient. Over a period of 17 months, he came in to Doctors Care for regular appointments. He remained sober, started to drive and moved into his own home. He now holds a 70 hour a week job. He has lost 40 pounds and lives a healthy lifestyle. According to Andy, he would have never been able to stay sober or turn his life around without the help of the caring providers at Doctors Care. Andy’s team of providers say he is truly inspiring and a perfect example of how much a person’s life can change for the better with strong determination and a little support.