The Doctors Care Legacy

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I have been reflecting on my role as a board member and the legacy we all hope to leave. Community enrichment and involvement is both a duty and an honor for me. As the Chief Financial Officer of Sky Ridge Medical Center, I see firsthand the incredible life-saving miracles of our healthcare system yet I also witness the challenges facing the uninsured and the underinsured.  Parents should not have to choose between providing medical care for their children and paying the rent.

As a board member, I have seen the life-changing effects of this organization as it helps heal the sick, secures appropriate treatment and after-care for those in need, educates men and women on self-care and enhances the lives of the sometimes voiceless members of our community.

Doctors Care lives its values of compassion, social responsibility, inclusiveness, collaboration and respect. I am humbled by the tireless energy of the staff and their incredible creativity in seeking new solutions to our healthcare system challenges.

It has been my privilege to serve on this board…one that not only meshes with my personal global view but that truly makes a difference in the communities we serve.  I am thankful that I can be a small part of this effort to influence legislation, secure physician partners and change lives.  I encourage others to join me in this worthy mission.

Energy Efficiency Expands Impact

Through a partnership with Energy Outreach Colorado, Doctors Care has become much more energy efficient! From installation of new energy-saving equipment to staff education on ways to be more energy efficient,

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