Mental Health First Aid Training at Doctors Care

When a culture of philanthropy resonates through a company or organization, the community in which it resides is impacted in a sustaining and meaningful way.   Doctors Care has been the beneficiary of many workforce volunteer projects in our community throughout our 31 years of service, and have witnessed the benefit to our patients and clients.

When a philanthropic work force invests in its community by lending a hand up, the community grows and thrives.  Doctors Care offers such an opportunity through participation in Mental Health First Aid training.  With one in five Americans living with one or more mental health disorders, recognizing and understanding symptoms, risk factors and warning signs is as important as understanding the basics of CPR.

Through participation in the 8-hour Mental Health First Aid training, participants increase their understanding of mental health disorders and interventions.  By increasing knowledge in the community, we can reduce stigma and bias around mental health disorders, support timely interventions, and save lives.  Participants learn the basic skills needed to provide initial help and support to those who may be at risk for a mental health or substance use disorder, or experiencing crisis.

Each attendee is asked to help stock Doctors Care’s internal emergency food and supply pantry by bringing at least one bag of basic staples on their training day.  This non-traditional volunteer activity provides a giveback project with a two-fold impact to the community. In addition to providing quality healthcare and resource connection services, Doctors Care is able to offer emergency food and personal items to patients and clients in need.

As we work together to address challenges facing our community, we appreciate partnerships that offer significant impact for the health and wellbeing of those in need.  If you feel Mental Health First Aid training would interest your organization, please contact me at 720-458-6226 or  We have the following class dates available:


June 27, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Thursday)
June 28, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm (Friday)

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