Keeping the Balance

People often ask me as an executive director, what is most difficult about running a small but mighty organization like Doctors Care? Is it the fluctuation of highs and lows like receiving notice we are to be awarded needed funding, and then told by others we are ‘not a fit’? Believe me, this has happened more than once in the same day. Is it the sadness I feel when our organization gets a negative review because we just could not meet someone’s need? Or the thrill when we receive a review like this , “I love this place!! Low cost affordable medical treatment where you are treated with dignity and respect! Thank God for this place because so many Americans don’t have health ins and this is great alternative…” Yes, more than once negative and positive reviews happen in the same day!

Actually, these are not the most difficult aspects of running a nonprofit (although they do keep our hearts pumping and keep us on our toes). Most difficult for me is keeping the ship steady in high water, with waves of change hitting from all sides – change we can’t control or influence, such as in our economy, our communities, and health care access and coverage in general. We all wrestle with making clear and forward thinking decisions that are sensitive to the needs of others. This is particularly vital for a mission driven nonprofit charity like Doctors Care. Every day we balance risk by taking chances and trying new options – to insure the investments of Doctors Care’s volunteers, donors and stakeholders are managed thoughtfully.

Fortunately, I am surrounded by tremendous talent, passion, and commitment to improving the lives of those facing great challenges. They help me balance the everyday highs and lows. They remind me to stay humble, and never be afraid to ask for more help, support, or charity. Thank you to all who support me and this wonderful experience called Doctors Care.