A Loving Legacy – Marian Jones

In one of the hallways at Doctors Care, we have a wall with a small memorial to acknowledge individuals who have touched Doctors Care in a special way. Last month, we added another name in remembrance of Marian Jones and the generous, loving legacy she left behind.

I met Marian Jones over 15 years ago. From our first meeting we had a connection. She generously shared the story about her own personal health struggles. It helped ground me professionally. When our children had struggles, we could share with each other without judgment, just kindness.

Over the years I came to understand that Marian always looked for ways to serve, support, and make life better for others. At Doctors Care she made sure that children had school supplies in September and Christmas gifts in December. I got to see so many families receive these gifts. I was able to witness their gratefulness and joy. Our staff loved helping carry the supplies and gifts into Doctors Care and getting them organized to give to families.

Marian gave me the gift of happiness. Watching other people be happy for even a moment is the most joy we can find in our lives. I am so lucky she was in my life and that I got to see her one last time. I needed to know she was okay with the journey ahead of her.  Marian’s voice and smile, her calm demeanor, and the gratefulness she had for her life, are the things I will most remember. I want to thank Marian’s family and husband for sharing her so generously with the rest of us.

Bebe Kleinman, CEO
Doctors Care

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