COPIC’s Earth Angels Descend on Doctors Care for Arbor Day Volunteer Project

Doctors Care teamed up with COPIC for its “Operation Outdoor Improvement” project. COPIC, a leading medical liability insurance provider, had twelve “Earth Angel” employees volunteer to help transform the outside area surrounding our building into a redesigned, eco-friendly landscape.

“COPIC and Doctors Care have created a unique relationship and our Community-Action Team enjoys participating in projects to make Doctors Care a special place to visit,” said Dr. Ted Clarke, COPIC’s Chairman and CEO. The project took place on Friday, April 24, and was scheduled to coincide with Earth Day and Arbor Day Week. COPIC employees purchased, planted and painted as part of a project designed to improve the appearance of Doctors Care’s parking lot area. The group filled a new 12-foot planter at the clinic’s entrance with a variety of perennials, planted trees and shrubs along the perimeter of the parking lot, and outdoor utility boxes were given fresh coats of paint.

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