Celebrating the Memory of a Friend

A year ago today I lost a dear friend. She was the kind of friend that even in death reminds me how the love of family, friends and community make life worth living. My friend was a patient, a parent of a patient, a volunteer, and a donor during the 17 years that I knew her. She came by twice a year – with a car load of Christmas presents in the late fall and school supplies in the middle of summer for other patients in need.

I keep her picture on my desk because this friend also reminds me to keep moving forward even on days that are difficult. Days I wonder how we will keep Doctors Care thriving, funded, innovative, adaptable, and vibrant. There are days when we see patients still suffering because access to life saving medicine and care are hard to come by, and there are days when we don’t have enough of the right answers to make life a little less difficult. But this friend always had a smile, an easy laugh, and a kind word to share.

Today her granddaughter came to visit and honor her memory with me. As she was leaving, she handed me a card. In it she wrote, “I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since grandma passed. You guys saved her life 17 years ago. You mean so much to me and my family. You were always in her heart and she is always with you. Thank you for everything you do.”

Today my heart is full and I am grateful for all the wonderful people in my life and the gifts that I receive for being a member of the Doctors Care team.

Bebe Kleinman, CEO
Doctors Care