Nhora Suarez

Nhora was born in Colombia, South America, and moved to Denver when her husband’s work relocated the family. Nhora attended Red Rocks Community College and took ESL classes to learn English. She

Stephanie Segal, MD

Dr. Stephanie received her medical degree from the University of San Antonio Health Science Center and has 20 years of experience as a family physician. Her experience ranges from training at John

Elizabeth Hockaday

Elizabeth has worked in marketing and development departments for nonprofits since 2008. She loves new challenges and experiences that broaden her knowledge professionally and personally. Elizabeth is a passionate individual that wants

Jana Baker

For over 25 years, Jana has served numerous nonprofit organizations as a staff member or volunteer. She has been the Volunteer Manager at Doctors Care for the past eight years and is

Alisa Spilman

Alisa has worked in the nonprofit sector since 2003 in community relations, information technology, and operations. She is responsible for supervising the Clinic, Health Access, Quality Improvement, and Information Technology departments at

Bebe Kleinman, MNM

Bebe has over 35 years working experience in the nonprofit sector focusing on serving the needs of low-income children and families. She has been the CEO of Doctors Care for 21 years