I was once served! Now I have served!

Mirabel, a Family Nurse Practitioner student at Regis University, recently wrapped up three months of student training at Doctors Care. By shadowing providers in the clinic, she was able to gain hands-on training in patient care. Just seven years ago, Mirabel’s twin sons were patients at Doctors Care. In the following letter that she wrote to Doctors Care Clinic Director, Sue Covington, Mirabel describes her joy at being able to serve where she was once served.

Dear Sue Covington,

Seven years ago, I was referred to Doctors Care from Kaiser for a follow up visit for my sons who were just a month old. You were welcoming, kind, and caring. After the visit I thought, “I can bet no illness stands against a provider like you; be it fever or the flu!” I was served at Doctors Care Clinic with compassion.

Years went by and I was accepted into the Family Nurse Practitioner program at Regis University. Right before clinical rotation started, I wrote a letter to you asking if I could do my student training at Doctors Care. That same week, I was in class with my instructor, Mollie. She was lecturing and told us about an interesting case describing great, holistic care at her favorite clinic – Doctors Care Clinic!

My eyes opened wide as I heard the name “Doctors Care”. Remember, I had just written a letter to you! “Did she say Doctors Care?” I asked myself silently. I could not wait to talk to Mollie! On a short break, I went to Mollie and asked if she knows you by any chance, showing her the name and address of Doctors Care Clinic. Mollie (who, in addition to teaching at Regis, also works as a volunteer provider at Doctors Care) responded, “Oh yes! Sue Covington is my boss!” I smiled!

At Regis, a bid sheet to request our preferred clinical site was sent out by the department and my bid was for Doctors Care. I was selected!

I say, “I was once served! Now I have served!” Thank you!

Mirabel U.

Regis FNP-S

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