Riding the Waves of Change

Things in life sometimes change, often without anything being broken, failing, or faulty. Like a strong ocean wave, change can be thrust upon us – knock us around, causing skinned knees from the sand. We get back up and dive into the next wave, a bit battered and bruised, but with determination to enjoy another ride. Some watch from the water’s edge waiting for the calm. Some embrace the unknown, trusting a strong hand will pull us from the surf. Whether the choice is to wait on the ocean’s edge or jump right in, it is possible to enjoy the surf, sand, and sun.

Much like the ocean, healthcare is changing.  Doctors Care is riding the wave so we stay vibrant, viable, and responsive to our community’s needs. Beginning in July, the Doctors Care clinic opens its doors to a larger population, increasing the age range of patients served to newborn – 50. Whole teams are conducting ongoing prep work to ensure quality care and safety for all our current and new patients. Things are changing, and nothing is broken. Why change now? As Doctors Care’s founder, Dr. Gary VanderArk has said time and again, “we can – do more, we must – do more, and we will – do more”.

Bebe Kleinman, CEO
Doctors Care

Finding a Reason to Heal

I didn’t know what to do. I needed insurance, but couldn’t afford it. I’d fought every year to renew my Medicaid, even though I never used it. Then suddenly they kicked

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