Mental Health Matters

According to Mental Health America, 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness during their lifetime. However, everyone faces challenges in life that can impact their mental health. In fact, the entire world is currently experiencing one of those life-impacting challenges! Kathy Rivera Butler, Doctors Care’s Behavioral Health Provider, recently took some time to give us some tips and ideas on how to address our mental well-being and keep us all functional and less stressed.

Tip #1: It is okay to not be okay.

There are many people in the community who can help you work through your concerns. Give Doctors Care a call at 303-730-1313 and we can provide support to you on your journey (or at least connect you with a professional who can if it is a better fit). For more information on identifying what you’re feeling, click here.


Tip #2: Do not face this alone.

It is ideal to stay connected with those people whom you feel comfortable with, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. Utilize video calls to maintain relationships or build new networks of people who help you get through tough moments. For more tips on connecting with others, click here.


Tip #3: Keep up a routine.

Having a schedule or routine helps structure our day and gives us a reason to get out of bed. To learn more on how to create a healthy routine, click here.


Tip #4: Exercise daily.

We hear about exercise all the time and it sounds daunting. However, something as simple as taking a walk can be quite beneficial in getting your heart rate up and providing an opportunity for some fresh air and sunlight. Click here to learn more about exercise and your mental health.


Tip #5: Reduce toxic influences in your life.

In a world of information overload, consider reducing the amount of time you spend on social media or on news outlets. Instead, try to become aware of what increases your stress. Focus on things that make you laugh or bring you joy vs things that can amplify negative feelings. For more information on how to eliminate toxic influences, click here.


If you would like to learn more about your own mental health, visit Mental Health America’s website for tools to help you thrive and free, private mental health screenings that you may take anonymously.

If you or someone you know is experiencing mental health challenges, click here for support.

If you are interested in knowing more on how to support those with mental health, click here for Mental Health America’s article, Supporting Others, or visit Al-Anon Colorado’s website for support on or groups about mental health.

Mental Health Matters
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