Craving a Change

Anyone else feeling this way? I am tired of worrying about my loved ones and tired of our smoky air.  I am tired of all the negative energy floating around.

It’s fall in Colorado and that means the leaves are turning, the air is crisp, apples are plentiful, and gardens are being harvested.  These are happy shifts in our daily routines.  I crave a change so I decided to make Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese – something I never do unless there is a pile of squash sitting on the counter.  If I can’t totally remove the fear, I can find moments when fear is less prevailing by doing little things that take my mind off the moment in which we are living.

Lots of good articles are being written about self-care.  All Health Network, another wonderful local organization, recently published an article from their Well-Being Connection series. Click here to check out “Coping When It Feels Like The Stress Just Won’t End.”

What are you doing to bring some joy into your life?

Craving a Change
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