Jennifer’s Story

For 30 years, Doctors Care has focused on a commitment to offer compassionate care and practical solutions by providers who take the time to address concerns and get to know patients and their families. Jennifer, mom to six, shares her family’s inspirational story and how Doctors Care has joined them in their journey of highs and lows over the years.

A young, growing family

After many years of infertility, my husband, Doug, and I adopted our first three children through foster care in the early 2000’s: four-year-old twin girls, and a boy a few years later. During that process, we were referred to Doctors Care. Our young children were immediately welcomed to the practice. As first time parents, we were educated, encouraged and informed by the excellent staff. The thing I remember most about that time was the free book that was available for my young children to take home after each visit. A large part of our home library was built by donated books from Doctors Care!

In 2007, we adopted two bouncy brothers, again through foster care. They also joined Doctors Care as patients. During those early days with the boys, I remember being quite bedraggled when bringing my small flock in. We were always grateful to be treated with grace and empathy.

A few years later, a professional photographer held a complimentary photo session at Doctors Care. Patients and families were invited to come and have their portraits taken. I remember feeling so appreciative of the opportunity to have family portraits and individual photos taken of each of my children. The staff even printed the portraits for us and I was so excited to receive them. It meant so much to us as a young family with five little kiddos. It wasn’t often that we were able have fancy family portraits taken!

In 2011, we received the surprise of our lives, as I found out I was pregnant for the first time in 18 years of marriage! It was a joy to share the news with the staff at Doctors Care, since they had known our family each step of the way thus far. Our son, Luke, was born healthy that October after a very tenuous pregnancy.

Facing challenges together

In 2015, my then 10-year-old athletic son, Andrew, began fainting. We saw Doctors Care Clinic Director, Sue Covington, several times. She was able to accurately diagnose him with a common children’s fainting condition. After multiple episodes and a life-saving referral to Children’s Hospital, we discovered that he also had an unrelated physical abnormality with his heart. Within a few months, Andrew underwent open heart surgery at Children’s Hospital and received outstanding and uncomplicated follow up care by Sue and the staff at Doctors Care.

Immediately after Andrew’s recovery, my husband, Doug, was diagnosed with terminal thyroid cancer. He lost his battle with that horrible disease just 15 months later, in February of 2017. The staff at Doctors Care, whom we now count as friends, have been kind, understanding and helpful. They have helped with transitioning our family to a single parent household while guiding us through grief and all that entails.

Looking toward the future

Today, I no longer have newly-adopted four-year-old twin girls; they are now almost 21. They make their own appointments at Doctors Care now, and continue to see Sue whenever needed. What a treasure for them to be able to come to the place that has seen them in all stages since they were just four.

My four boys now range in age from nearly 7 to 18. Two of them are seen and treated at Doctors Care regularly. The other two, because of birth and private adoption (which does not include Medicaid like adopting through foster care does) are seen at a private pediatric practice. Someone recently asked if I see a difference between the two pediatric offices. Yes, I do! Truthfully, I would love for my other two boys to be seen at Doctors Care. The quality of care, the long-term commitment of the staff, the thoroughness with which they see patients, the care that is given to family units of all shapes, sizes and makeup, regardless of ability to pay or the ability to look like they have it all together, is second to none. We appreciate the availability and timeliness of appointments, the no-rush attitude when we are in the office, and the camaraderie that has been built over all these years.

Throughout our journey, Doctors Care has been there to diagnose everything from strep throat, ear infections, glasses prescriptions, heart issues, emotional issues, concerns relating to changing bodies, adoption, and more. The providers and staff are always ready with a smile, listening ear, and reliable medical advice. I look forward to our family being connected to Doctors Care far into the future. In past 30 years, Doctors Care has impacted thousands of lives for good. Families are being cared for with compassion and professionalism every day in the present. And with continued financial and community partnership, Doctors Care will be equipped to press on with excellence for many years to come.

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