Connection to Coverage helps individuals apply for Medicaid and subsidized insurance plans through Connect for Health Colorado’s online marketplace. Doctors Care Certified Health Coverage Guides provide free, one-on-one assistance to help individuals understand their insurance options and applying for Medicaid, tax-credits for private plans, or obtain other financial assistance in getting coverage. Doctors Care is a Connect for Health Colorado Enrollment Center and a Certified Medicaid Application Assistance Site.


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I got a letter from Medicaid asking me to renew. What does that mean?
      • Every year you must renew your Medicaid coverage. This is the process of updating your account to see if you still qualify for Medicaid. To stay on Medicaid you must complete this process. If you got a renewal letter,

    please respond immediately.

What is the Public Health Emergency?

Due to COVID-19, a Public Health Emergency (PHE) is in place. During the PHE, people will stay on Medicaid even if they are over income. When the PHE ends, those who are no longer eligible for Medicaid will have a 60 day special enrollment period to buy new coverage.

PHE is likely to extend through Spring/Summer 2022. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact a Doctors Care Health Coverage Guide at 720-458-6185.

What should I do if I am making less money?
    Your insurance premium could be reduced OR you may qualify for Medicaid. You should update your PEAK or Connect for Health Colorado account. Doctors Care health coverage guides can help.

I lost my health insurance, how do I make sure I'm covered?

  • You now have 60 days to enroll in health insurance under a Life Change Event.
  • Depending on your situation, you may qualify for Medicaid OR a plan on Connect for Health Colorado.
  • If you had insurance with your job you may be able to keep the same plan through Cobra, though it will be more expensive.

Where do I go to apply if I want to apply on my own?

When do I need to make changes to my account?

    • It is important to keep all your information up to date in


    • or

Connect for Health Colorado

    whenever there is a change. There may be tax consequences at the end of the year if you do not keep your account up to date. You might even save money on your premium with some life changes.

You will need to update your account if any of these life changes happen:

  • Got married/divorced
  • Had a child
  • Changed or lost your job
  • Change or loss in income
  • Moved
  • Death in your household
  • And More

What is Public Charge? Should I be worried about it?

In immigration, public charge describes a person who might rely on the government for financial, housing, or food assistance, or for health care.

If the government decides that a person is a “public charge,” their application to enter the US, or to get a green card, may be denied.

Public charge does not apply to US citizens or individuals applying for:

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Doctors Care’s Health Coverage Guides are happy to answer any questions you may have. Call 720-458-6185.


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