National Infant Immunization Week

Do you know if your children’s shots are up to date?  These are important for school and for summer camps.  Shots should begin before a child turns 2 years old, but they can be given as soon as a family knows they might be behind. Whooping Cough and Measles have been coming back and your baby’s health is at risk without the right shots.

Good news for families is that Doctors Care provides the shots at no cost and there are same-day appointments available.

This is the 25th anniversary of National Infant Immunization Week which celebrates our successes as a country in fighting deadly diseases. These diseases, like measles, kill children. But we can make sure our children are safe by making sure our children have their shots.  The right shots at the right time can be lifesaving.  Click here ( ) to see the recommended schedule for your children’s shots.

Ten years ago, we thought we had beat measles.  But it is back and Colorado is one of the states suffering from its effects.

The Centers for Disease Control has done research showing that families want to get the right shots for their children.  However, life can get in the way and there are concerns about cost.  These problems are solved at Doctors Care.

Don’t delay!  If your child needs their shots, please contact us at 303-730-1313 immediately to come in and get your children’s shots up to date.

National Infant Immunization Week
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