Healthcare Day of Action

A group of Doctors Care staff and volunteers attended the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative’s annual Healthcare Day of Action on Feb 23rd. The event brought together healthcare organizations and members of the community who work to ensure access to equitable care for all Coloradoans.

The event included an opening presentation by Donna Lynne, Colorado Lt. Governor, and a Healthcare expert discussion panel. Participants in the event were able to visit with their state representatives to share their stories about healthcare reform. The Doctors Care team invited Senator Kagan and Representative Bridges to come visit our organization to learn about the diverse ways we are serving the community and how the safety net continues to evolve.

To end the morning, the Doctors Care team participated in a rally on the steps of the Capitol where we heard some inspiring consumer stories on the ACA’s impact on individual lives and the ripple effect it has for the community.

Casey Hilliard, Health Access Program Director
Doctors Care

Healthcare Day of Action
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