Doctors Care uses a sliding fee scale to set your visit cost. The cost is based on your family size and income. We accept all patients, even if they cannot pay the full cost.

Use the calculator or chart below to find your sliding fee rate. If you have any questions or are worried about paying for care, call us at (303) 730-1313.

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Income information helps Doctors Care get funding through grants and donations to cover part of the costs to provide care. Your personal information is never shared with funders. Patients who do not wish to share income information are placed on Plan F of the sliding fee scale. Doctors Care accepts all patients, even if they cannot pay the full visit fee. 

Or Use the Chart to Find Your Fee:

1. Find the row that has the number of people living in your household.
2. Starting on the left, go across that row. Find the first column with an amount that is more than what you make in a year.
3. Go down that column to find your fee. The top of the column has your plan name.

For example: If you have 4 people living in your household and make $36,500 a year your copay would be $20 and you would be on Plan B.