Located in Littleton, Colorado, Doctors Care is a private nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving health access for low-income individuals in the South Metro Denver area. Through its integrated primary care clinic, network of specialists and hospital services, and programs designed to address socioeconomic barriers to health and well-being, thousands of individuals have access to quality, affordable primary and specialty care and support services through Doctors Care.

Our Mission:

Doctors Care provides affordable, high-quality health care and services that promote overall health and wellness for those in need.

Our Vision

A community where people in need have equal access to health care and are engaged in their own well-being.

Our Values

DEI Statement

Doctors Care is built on a foundation of inclusiveness, compassion, and respect for all. For over 30 years, Doctors Care has stood for health equity and access, and strived to decrease health disparities, a symptom of an inequitable system.  Today, we stand in solidarity with our community, supporting those who face systematic injustices. Whether a result of race, gender identity, religious affiliation, or others, we can, we must, we will support the fight for respect, compassion and equality for all. We can speak out against inequities that undermine our mission and the people we serve. We must demand change on local, state, and federal levels. We will stand up to discrimination witnessed in our society and broader systems. It is time to do better and advocate for change.